What is Strategic Nuclear Deterrent?

There are three critical parts to the strategic nuclear deterrent: American Industry, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy. The US Strategic Nuclear Deterrent begins in all of the communities across America. Citizens work at the military bases, laboratories and private companies that call these communities ‘home’.

American Industry Defense Department Nuclear Triad
Air Force Missiles Navy Submarines Air Force Planes
Energy Department Warheads Bombs
Nuclear Stockpile
Universities – People – Communities


At the direction of Congress, the Defense Department develops the Triad and Stockpile requirements. American industry creates the jobs that employ talent, ingenuity and technology to design and produce the missiles, submarines and planes of the Nuclear Triad. The civilian Energy Department has the responsibility to design and produce the nuclear warheads and bombs of the Nuclear Stockpile. American industry, often supported by basic research activities at numerous post-secondary universities, creates the jobs that employ talent and ingenuity in specialized government-owned facilities to design and produce the warheads and bombs, using unique science and technology developed for our nation’s security. From military bases in the US and abroad, citizen soldiers use the Nuclear Triad and Stockpile every day to defend America against those who wish us ill.
But the story does not end there. It returns to the beginning, with our citizens and their communities.
Deterring war allows people and communities to grow. Commercializing government technology creates more jobs that drive economic growth.
…in all the communities we call home!


Retaining all three legs of the triad will best maintain strategic stability at a reasonable cost, while hedging against potential technical problems or vulnerabilities.